THE CENTER is a fully equipped work space designed for use by trainers, teachers and practitioners; conveniently located one block south of Tenley Circle just steps from the Metro. We have 4000 square feet of space, featuring a 1500 square foot gym, a beautiful light-filled studio for classes, seminars and workshops; 3 treatment rooms, dressing rooms, a spacious waiting area and a kitchen.

All trainers, teachers and practitioners are independent consultants. If you are looking for a place to conduct your practice, please come by to visit. If you are interested in an appointment with someone who conducts their business at THE CENTER, please contact them directly via their links in the other pages on this site.


CHARLES BLUME is a personal trainer, ACE, NCSA, AFAA, massage therapist, NCTMB, triathlete, marathoner and holds several titles as a national champion natural bodybuilder. Charles has been dedicated to sports and fitness his entire life. He has been teaching exercise for over a decade in various settings including the YMCA, corporate, institutional, private and group training. Charles also earned a degree from Mannes College of Music in classical guitar.

DODY DISANTO is a teacher, performer, director, movement specialist and massage therapist. She has nurtured a healthy practice in cross-fiber massage since 1992, while maintaining a vital career teaching theatre. Dody was trained in Paris, holding an esteemed position as a teaching protégé of the late Jacques Lecoq whose teachings she carries on at the Center for Movement Theatre. She is currently on the faculties of the Academy for Classical Acting for the Shakespeare Theatre at the George Washington University, The Catholic University of America, and has recently served as guest teacher for Cirque du Soleil and at the Yale School of Drama.